Thursday, August 20, 2015

Best places to splash around

The only way to survive east coast summers is pool-side. Joey says it's my job to find all the best splash pads, water parks, and pools in the city. 

Here's a list of our favs:

1) Yard's Park is located in the center of the Capitol Riverfront and was originally an annex of the Washington Navy Yard. My boys love the long shallow pool, water fall, and sprawling grass. I love it for the shaded area with loads of tables and chairs, cheap parking, and tasty food choices. Every Friday night throughout the summer they have the Rockin' on the Riverfront concert series with live music, raffles, and food trucks.

2) Pirate's Cove is a small water park perfect for all ages. It's $7 to get in, but after 4pm the cost goes down to $5.25 per person. There are several features at the cove. We hang out at the kiddie pool, mainly because it's fenced in. My boys could dig all day long in the sand at Buccaneer Beach. You can bring in your own food. They have a nice area with tables, chairs, and umbrellas.

3) Turtle Park is in NW DC tucked away in Friendship Heights. Normally we wouldn't go that far for fun, but this park does not disappoint. It is especially appealing to me because both the splash pad and play area are completely fenced in. I can nurse the baby and still keep an eye on my other little people.

4) Virginia Highlands Park is nice because it's not overwhelming. It's quite small. We like it because it's right across from Costco. It helps to entice my kiddos to go shopping if I say we're going to go to the splash pad too. They love it.

5) Georgetown Waterfront Park is a little tricky to get to. I don't go to this splash pad without helping hands. However, it is really beautifully designed in an amphitheater style with water and fountains in the center. Parking can be difficult.

6) Chessie's Big Backyard is incredible. The harbor has a large splash pad next to two great play areas. My boys go nuts running around this huge splash pad and all the pirate themed attractions. Even though the cost is free, there are employees readily available to help out. The only requirement is water shoes or flip flops with a sling back. Plenty of parking.

7) Potomac Yard Park has two fenced in play areas separated by a nice splash pad. My boys get a kick out of the trains passing by as they splash around in the water. There is usually open street parking. However, the closest restrooms are at Target down the street.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stay little forever

I've been having the hardest time watching this little guy grow and become more independent. These days he loves his alone time with his own toys. I want him to stay little and snuggly forever. I am afraid that all too soon baby Nico won't need mommy any more.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy half-birthday

Baby Nico turns six months! It's hard to believe my little man is growing so big. I secretly want him to stay this size forever. We are all in love with his infectious smile. He is so easy going and an all around happy baby. Nico is mesmerized by his bigger brothers and their ninja like movements around the room. They've motivated him to roll over, scoot, and rock back and forth. Sadly for mama, baby's first tooth has poked through. Ouch! He loves to be held close and snuggled tightly. And he especially loves kisses on his cheeks and just under his chin. I can hear those baby giggles now! He lights up the room and brings a smile to all our faces.