Friday, December 26, 2014

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas

This was the first Christmas that all three of our kids were old enough to enjoy opening gifts and getting new toys. I could not help but document this precious day. It started at 4am when our eldest stormed into our room demanding that it was time to open gifts. My sweet husband tucked him back into his bed, but Joey could see for himself that Santa had stopped at our house. Then again around 6:45am, my sister, who was sleeping on our couch next to Santa's array of gifts, heard wrapping paper frantically being ripped open. As hard as she tried to get him to wait until everyone was awake, he continued on in his quest to find the gift he asked Santa for on his lap, "a toy plant!" (better known as a Chia Pet) As the morning went on, we all enjoyed watching the little ones zip by with a new toy or stuffed friend in hand.


*disclaimer: photos are blurry due to very excited children

"There's that toy plant I asked for!"

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