Monday, June 15, 2015

Father's Day fiasco

I don't typically use social media to vent, but today I break tradition. In the weeks leading up to the twins first flight, there was a lot of talk about getting on an "arrow plane." It takes a brave man to fly solo across the country with two-year-old twins. Carrying luggage, car seats, stroller, diapers for days, books, snacks, toys & more. When they arrived with plenty of time at the American Airlines ticket counter in Dulles to check-in to their flight, the careless customer service rep behind the counter sent my husband and twins to their partner company U.S. airways to wait in line. Once Paul and our very impatient twins got to the front of that line, they were told to go back to American Airlines and wait again. At that point, there was only 30 minutes left before take off. They told my husband it was too late to check-in to the flight and they were not going to hold the plane for him and his sons. They informed him he could fly stand-by and perhaps make a flight in the next two or three days, OR he could pay for a discounted ticket at a different airport later that day. He did as I would have done, bought the tickets to ensure a flight out of DC. When I called American Airlines, I spoke to Laurine Nobrega to make a formal complaint. I was told that my husband admitted fault by purchasing the discounted tickets, therefore, "there was nothing they could do." Forget the level of disappointment that Paul and I felt that we would not be together for Father's Day. The real heartbreak was felt much deeper in those sweet boys who desperately wanted to get on that "arrow plane." They were the ones that didn't understand why they had to drive an hour back home and take a nap. Paul reports that the decibel of their screams was at an all time high. To make a long story longer, the award for Father of the Year goes out to my hubby. As the photo says, he is a funny, patient, strong, hero, reliable, provider and so much more.

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