Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Service Collab: Serve your Love

Serve your Love was the theme for February's Service Collab.

I cannot believe February is over! Where does the time go? I had high hopes of making every day All about Paul. Well that didn't happened. Instead, I realized how easy going my husband really is. He goes to school and studies for 10-12 hours a day and spends an hour and a half to and from school on public transit, and then comes home to a house full of crazy kids and a flustered wife and does all of this on barely any sleep. I managed to find little ways to make his months a bit easier and more enjoyable. Our student budget doesn't allow for huge extravagances. That being said, I still feel I was able to make him smile. Law school has been taxing. Paul needed extra love this month. His love language is quality time and receiving gifts. He is always so thoughtful with me, it was about time that I focus on him for a change. I started with little things, like; bringing home his favorite ice cream and snacks, having dinner on the table when he comes home from school, or for Valentine's Day, instead of just the traditional Walgreen's card, I handmade 10 cards with 10 love notes just for him. In the last 16 months, after the birth of the twins, Paul and I have not had much alone time. I have never left my three children with anyone that wasn't family, and that only happened twice before for a very short time. There is a wonderful couple in my ward that offered to watch our kiddos in the past. I finally took them up on it. Paul and I were able to attend the Washington DC Temple and "dinner." It was after 11pm when we left the temple and McDonald's was the only thing open. It wasn't ideal, but we decided to go for it. There was something romantic about being dressed up and eating a big mac. Lastly, Paul never buy's himself anything. I knew that if I bought him a new tailored dress shirt he'd be over the moon. When I told him I was going shopping, he was probably thinking "don't spend money!" When I came home with a Nordstrom Rack bag, I could see his disapproving look. Then I exclaimed, "I bought you something!" His face face lit up. I hadn't seen him smile like that in a while. He was pleasantly surprised. I could tell he really appreciated the gesture. He even wore it the very next day. I am grateful to have linked into the Service Collab. I have thought about my husband in all that I do. That is a blessing. Ain't life grand?!

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