Monday, June 23, 2014

The hardest job on earth

Every day, whether on the playground, at the doctor's office, or even online, I see the most amazing mothers. Mothers around the world have one common goal; to make our children happy, healthy, and hopefully grow up to be model citizens. We all go to great lengths to teach our children how important it is to share, wear sunscreen, pee inside the toilet (as opposed to in front of it), say please and thank you, eat over the table, wear shoes outside, hold hands while crossing the street, put their seat belt on, have gratitude, say prayers, love their siblings, give kisses, softly pet animals, clean up their toys, and so on. There is an unwritten law that binds mothers. We look out for each others kids on the playground and at the pool. Even today at the park, I forgot sunscreen, and a kind woman lent me hers. I marvel at the strength mothers have to influence the world. My little ones temperament is directly related to my own. If I am ornery, they are unbearable. If I am elated, they are twitterpated. Each day when I wake up, I take a deep breath. I breath in all of my insecurities and then I choose to let them go. When my feet hit the floor, I know that my day belongs to them. And for that I am grateful.

*This post was inspired by @kimiwatts wedding luncheon. This sweet bride cried and cried as she thanked her mom for her beautiful wedding. It was a tender moment to witness. #kimiandnate 

My adopted "sisters" (we won't say mothers Diana *wink wink*)


  1. Loved this reminder of the importance of all mothers everywhere! You are a great mother and great example to me.

  2. Lena! So happy to find your cute blog. You're an adorable momma and have the cutest little guys. Love you!!