Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love at first sight

The moment had finally come. It was time to take our little baby boy home from the hospital. I had been looking forward to this for nine long months. I couldn't wait to introduce Nico to his three older brothers. The ride home seemed to last for hours. It gave me time to think about our new life with four sons. I felt overwhelmed and excited. I was filled with more love than I 'd ever felt before. I actually thought that my heart might explode right out of my chest. Yet at the same time, a tremendous level of fear festered inside me. The second we walked in the door, his biggest brother Joey ran to his side. For the next several hours our littlest was the center of their world. I smiled from ear to ear watching my sons fall in love at first sight. 

milk mustache

 getting ready to go home

grandma time

1st doctors visit

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