Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One step at a time

After we brought our fourth son home from the hospital, I wondered when I would finally feel comfortable enough to leave the house again. Well, today was that day. Eight weeks after our baby was born, I decided it was time. It started out as a typical day in our house. I was woken up by our little ones on the monitor bright and early, changed a number of diapers, and then made breakfast. Where things diverged from the usual routine was when I pulled out their socks and shoes. You would've thought they were going to Disneyland with the amount of excitement they exuded. The hardest part was getting them restrained in the stroller. Their bodies couldn't contain their happiness. It made them difficult to corral. Once everyone was safely strapped in and I was dripping with sweat, we were finally ready to walk out the front door. It was invigorating to leave the comfort of our home and enter the outdoors with all of its endless possibilities and where adventures await. Each step further from my door felt like removing a tightly wrapped band aid. I was insecure, but I kept going one step at a time.   

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