Monday, January 27, 2014

My Sidekick

Little Joey is my everything. Before he was born, I yearned for a baby. I never imagined I'd be blessed to have this imaginative and creative little creature. He makes life interesting. He has brought me more joy in these three short years, than I'd had in the 29 prior to his birth. I am the luckiest mommy there ever was. He fills my day with laughter and love. The more present I am in our relationship, the happier he is. Putting down my phone, and getting on the ground to play, makes for a great afternoon. His favorite thing to do is tell me stories, and my favorite thing to do is listen to them. I just sit and take in his imagination. When he's describing his adventure, his eyes get really focused and his face is ever so expressive. He comes alive! He makes a sword out of whatever is in his little hand. Joey has discovered his baby brothers are great playmates. He is very protective of them. He warns me if he thinks they're in danger. My favorite Joeyism was last week when he went up stairs to grab a book from his room. On his way up the stairs, he shouted, "Mom, I gotta go up stairs for two minutes, will you please watch the babies!" I die! This boy is out-of-this-world! In the mornings, I can't wait for him to wake up so we can spend the day together. Joey no longer takes a nap, so he is literally my sidekick. He is the Robin to my Batman, except he calls me "Super Woman." Thank you son, you are my everything.


  1. Oh, Joey!! Give him hugs and kisses from us, we can't wait to see him again :)