Monday, July 21, 2014

Universal Studios & Knott's Berry Farm

We had many adventures while visiting Grandma Lisa's house this summer. She took us all over Orange County and beyond. The kids and I were spoiled beyond measure. Two of the places we visited were Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm. I thought I loved these places when I was a kid, but experiencing the fun through my children's eyes was a whole new adventure. Universal Studios was a lot bigger than I had remembered. I was completely unprepared. It has expanded to much larger than we had time to see. There is a even a "downtown" Universal, similar to downtown Disney. Next time we go, we'll plan to spend all day and night there. Knott's Berry Farm, on the other hand, was exactly as I had remembered. It was super fun for my little ones with all of the kid friendly rides. There were little to no lines at all. It's a small enough park that we felt like we got to do it all and see it all. It felt more like a mom and pop park, than Universal Studios, with all of the old western motif and yummy home made jam. Surprisingly, there were no kids meals sold in the entire park. These parks, among other amazing things we got to see, are the reasons why I want to move my family to Southern California. 

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