Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good Food, Family & Fun

There is nothing better than my Nonna's cooking. Spending time with my Nonna is very therapeutic for me. She's so full of life and love. She understand my angst, and in her infinite wisdom, tells me to get it together. When it's her and I cooking in the kitchen, I delight in watching her pour love into everything she makes. I never noticed until this summer, how much longer it takes her to make the same dish that I make in half the time at home. I realized, all along, I've been missing the most important ingredient: love. The entire summer was love overload to spend time with her, my mom, and my sister. We went on walks on the beach nearly every day, tried out new fancy restaurants, went to baseballs games & farmers markets, and so much more. Let's do this every year. 

Go Adam!!
Adam threw Joey a game ball. You've never seen a happier boy!

Watching their first baseball game. 

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