Friday, July 18, 2014

It's a Small World After All

The kiddos and I were looking forward to this trip to Disneyland for quite some time. Mostly because we hardly ever get to spend time with Grandpa Joe and Joni. This was the twins first visit to the park. It was also my first time with three little ones in tow. We came extra prepared. I originally thought we'd only be able to stay for half the day. Surprisingly, the babies each slept an hour in their stroller. Their cat naps gave them the stamina to stay and play well into the night. Of course, the best part was seeing the twins experience Disneyland for the first time and watching Joey take it all in again. They were gobsmacked as they saw life size characters right before their eyes. That excitement never gets old. Growing up in Southern California, I have so many fond memories of being at the park. It was surreal to be there with my own little ones and make new memories. We cannot wait to go back, although, I'm not sure my dad will be suckered into coming again.  


I always get asked where Luca's curls come from. Here's the proof!

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