Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Orbit Baby

I just love pushing my baby around town in this orbit baby infant car seat and stroller. Nico has a ball riding in it too! He giggles and coos while he takes in all of the sights and sounds around him. It's circular base allows me to secure the car seat at any angle in the stroller and also in the car. It's ability to spin 360 degrees makes it a breeze getting baby in and out of the car. He loves when I turn it toward me to unbuckle him. He smiles from ear to ear, flails his arms, and kicks his legs all around with pure joy. The orbit baby acts as a cocoon with its deeper side walls, making it safer in case of an accident. Being some what of a germophobe, the paparazzi shield puts me at ease when inquisitive onlookers appear. Lastly, the carrier handle is soft and is much easier to rest upon my hip, keeping baby close, when I'm carrying him in and out of the car and to and from the house. We love our orbit baby and every time I'm out and about, everyone else loves it too!

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