Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mama's Little Meatballs

These little meatballs had the time of their lives today! I could tell they were surprised that mama let them play with their food on the ground. I would have done anything to get these photos. They're so sweet! Luca and Matteo have very different personalities, but today they were happy to eat their lunches off of the ground. Disclaimer: I couldn't narrow down the photos, so there are a lot. Enjoy!


  1. Sorry, I didn't realize I was signed in as Eric. Ok, these photos are amazing! I love that you let your kids get dirty, whether its playing in pumpkins or playing with spaghetti. You can tell they had a ball, except towards the end. And I love that you showed the sad photos because we all know kids aren't always happy. I'm just sad that Joey hardly made an appearance, I saw him in a few photos in the background. But those bibs...they are too perfect! I bet cleaning it up wasn't fun but it was all worth it for these priceless photos! Good job!

  2. I love it! Your boys (and those pictures) are adorable!