Sunday, May 18, 2014

One of these things is not like the other

We had the pleasure of hearing from a living apostle. Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to our congregation today. I hope I have as much energy as he has at age 85. What a great man! The little guys did pretty well in the beginning, but the last hour was pure crazy town. Paul and I took turns taking them out and having them roam the halls. There were loads of people who came from afar to hear the apostle, so I was meandering the corridors with countless other mom's and dad's with their antsy little ones. One of them was at the water fountain with her daughter. She was knelt down helping her reach the top of the spout. I, on the other hand, drenched in sweat, was trying my best to keep my little boys from sucking on other people shoes or putting their hands where they shouldn't be, all while they were running in opposite directions. This woman at the water fountain turned to me and asked, "Are they twins?" I answered her politely with a smile. Then she said, "Really!? Are you sure because they don't look like twins?" In a very suspicious tone, she continued, "The only thing that's the same is their clothing." It was then that I decided to walk away. I didn't waste my breath to explain that my boys are fraternal twins. What I should have said was, "Yes, I am sure they are twins, since they were birthed from my own two hips." I mean seriously people! 

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