Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday

 Our Sunday church service is from 1pm-4pm. As so many other moms know, this can be challenging for little ones who nap. Here is a glimpse of what it's like to have a 3 year old and 1 year old twin boys at church. Picture this...

1) Pure animals.
2) As loud as a bird sanctuary.  
3) A vicious typhoon.
4) A lions den.
5) In the midst of Armageddon. 
6) It's like dogs and cats living together. 
7) There is mass hysteria.
8) Riots.
9) They're Tasmanian devils.
10) It's embarrassing. 
11) Disapproving looks.
12) Furrowed brow.
13) Food fight.
14) Seventh grade cafeteria.
15) and lastly an Ape enclosure.

My family is a complete spectacle in the back of the chapel. Paul and I fought a good fight today, but the twins came out on top. After the closing prayer, I had to take a breather in the restroom. My frustration quickly vanished after 10 deep breaths and a sweet chuckle and hug from Luca. Even though we lost the battle of the babies today, here's to hoping for a calm & peaceful week ahead. A girl can dream...

 Love that smile. 

 Such a cheese-ball. 


  1. The wee devils look so cute though! :) What sweeties!

  2. I would like to see those people who give you disapproving looks do what you do with half your grace and charm! You are amazing and church just is no fun with little kids! :( You can do it lady!