Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery is directly across the Potomac River from DC. The more than 1,100 acres was home to Robert E. Lee and his wife Mary Anna in 1802. They fled the property in May of 1861 when Virginia ratified an alliance with the Confederacy and seceded from the Union. The property is now home to over 250,000 deceased soldiers, generals, supreme court justices, former slaves and presidents; including John F. Kennedy. We drive by the cemetery nearly every day. I can't help but look at the perfectly placed head stones each time we pass by. Today we decided to celebrate Spring with Baked & Wired cupcakes. Instead of eating them in the car, we brought them to the cemetery to enjoy on the grass. Joey had more questions than I had anticipated about the "stones in the ground." It was a teaching opportunity that I wasn't completely comfortable with at first. I have always had very skewed perceptions about death. Here was my one opportunity, so I thought, to not screw up my kids views of what happens when we die. I didn't answer him at first. I took in the peace and tranquility this place exudes. And when I was ready, I told him that very special soldiers who fought for our freedoms are buried here. His response was, "like buried treasures mommy?!" I said, "yes, like buried treasures baby." What a relief! Bless his little 3 year old heart. 

the flap jack with maple bacon, the rasmanian devil, and the pretty peanut butter cupcake

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