Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Today was amazing. I often get caught up in the day to day, that I hardly ever stop to really listen and feel. Paul and I always split the twins for the last hour of church in our separate meetings. The one I attend is an all women bible study class. I usually bring Matteo with me, but this time I brought Luca. I think because it had been awhile since he'd been with me alone, he was just so content. He stayed at my feet and played as I sat through a wonderful lesson. The teacher did an amazing job of discussing the last week of Jesus life, or what is known as Holy week. She went through the chronology of each day, each event, and each painful moment Jesus went through in His last days. It was an incredible reminder of what exactly my Savior endured for me and for all of His brothers and sisters. He could have easily stopped the suffering, but He chose to keep going because He knew what it would provide for the rest of us. He had a love for mankind greater than anyone who ever lived. I am thankful for the life that He lived and His decision to accept His position as the Savior of the world. The agony and suffering He so painfully resigned Himself to, allows me the opportunity to return to Him and to my Father in Heaven. We can all have eternal life and reside with those we love because of Jesus Christ. The only way to repay Him for His sacrifice and gift is to love always. 


  1. I love the matching sweaters! Cuties :) and what a fun Easter!

  2. if I am feeling at all down for any reason, I just pull up pictures of Joey and his brothers, & I am all happy again!