Thursday, March 13, 2014

National Natural History Museum

The National Natural History Museum is vast. The film Night at the Museum was based off of this magnificent place. This is our favorite Smithsonian to visit. There is so much to see. My little ones never get bored. Joey loves that he can get so close to all of the animals and they don't bite. The babies are starting to recognize the world around them. They even enjoyed the museum this time. That's saying a lot. Though the wildlife is not exactly "alive" that doesn't stop my babies from imagining. They've learned animal sounds and behaviors at this museum. After we visit all of the endangered species and dinosaurs, we went to see the diamond gallery. Diamonds really are a girls best friend. We saw diamonds from all over the world. My favorites were Marie Antoniette's jewels and the priceless Hope Diamond. My Zia loved this museum. She made us go back again on another day. 

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  1. So cute that your Zia wanted to go again. What a great opportunity for your kids to explore what the world has to offer through this museum...and on a regular basis.