Sunday, March 16, 2014

National Zoological Park

The National Zoo is the most incredible zoo we've ever seen. It is far too big to see all of it in one day. There are all kinds of exotic animals. We visited the apes, lions, zebras, tigers, invertebrates, reptiles, pandas, and mammal exhibits today. It seems like each time we visit our experience is different. This time, we had a pretty interesting encounter with the lion. He was clearly upset about something. He paced back and forth in his habitat. It was slightly frightening at first. Then he began to roar. I cannot put into words the power that came from this animal. We were behind the fence a good 50 feet from this lion. I could feel his roar in my chest, like loud music at a concert. Joey was on Paul's shoulders and he began to scream. As we got out of there, I saw a sign that said he'd had 2 cubs in January and 4 cubs on March 2nd. He was lonely. I have no doubt why this animal is the king of the jungle. It's always an adventure at the zoo!


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  1. Sad that his cubs were taken away! This makes me so sad, poor lion was lonely. Or were his cubs with him? I love going to the zoo but it makes me feel so sad seeing these animals in small spaces. It still brings me great joy to go to the zoo because I can show Leila all the animals we read about in her books. The carousel is always our favorite too!